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The Financial Stability Council

The financial stability council – a discussion forum for financial stability issues

The financial stability council is a forum with representatives from the government (Ministry of Finance), Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority), Riksgälden (the Swedish National Debt Office) and the Riksbank (the Swedish central bank). The council meets regularly to discuss financial stability issues, the need for measures to prevent financial imbalances from building up and, in the event of a financial crisis, the need for crisis measures.

The council is not a decision-making body

The council discusses the need of measures to prevent financial imbalances from building up but is not a decision-making body. The government and the represented authorities of the council decide independently within their own particular areas of responsibility which measures are to be taken.

The council meets twice a year

The council normally meets twice a year. The agenda of the coming meeting of the council is published on the committee’s website one week before the meeting. Minutes of the council’s meeting is published within two weeks of the meeting. Should a financial crisis occur, the council will meet more frequently to discuss the need for crisis measures.

The minister responsible for financial markets is the chairman of the council

The council meetings are chaired by the minister responsible for financial markets, Åsa Lindhagen. The other members of the council are the director general of Finansinspektionen Erik Thedéen, the director general of the Swedish National Debt Office Hans Lindblad and the governor of the Riksbank Stefan Ingves.   StatsrŒd sa Lindhagen Stefan_Ingve Åsa Lindhagen                                        Stefan Ingves Erik Thedéen                                      Hans Lindblad

The financial stability council’s work is administered by a preparatory group and a secretariat

The preparatory group consists of high-level representatives from the authorities represented in the council. The preparatory group meets monthly to prepare and plan the work for the council. The secretariat has a coordinative role and works as administrative and analytical support to the council and the preparatory group. The financial stability council is organized as a committee.



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The secretariat

Niclas Alsén, Head of Secretariat Phone: +46 (0)8 405 27 04 Daniel Fast, Committee secretary Phone: +46 (0)8 405 80 13 Lukas Hallquist, Committee secretary Phone: +46 (0)8 405 17 54