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A museum about the Holocaust (Ku 2019: 01)

The committee of inquiry on a museum about the Holocaust (Ku 2019: 01) will propose how a museum to preserve the memory of the Holocaust should be established in Sweden. Professor Birgitta Svensson is appointed to lead the committee.

The terms of reference for the committee points out that stories from survivors with a connection to Sweden should be of central importance. The museum should also be able to describe the Holocaust in a broad historical context as well as Sweden’s role during the Second World War. The museum should have a strong foundation in current research on the Second World War and the Holocaust, and establish international networks, both within research and with other museums focused on the Holocaust.

The committee shall:

  • propose alignment and assignments for the museum,
  • propose how the museum should be organized,
  • assess needs of the museum, and
  • identify relevant partners.

The assignment will be reported no later than March 31, 2020.